Birth Month Blooms

While many people know that each month has a special birthstone, not everyone knows there is bloom for each birth month as well! Come along with us as we take a little tour of the birth month flowers, their meanings, and what makes them special to each month!

January: Carnation
The carnation was first used in Ancient Greece, and was known as “The Flowers of God”. They can be found in numerous color ways, and last a long time, even when cut! While most flowers lose their petals when they begin to wilt, carnations fold their petals up tightly around their center. Carnations are a universal bloom that preserves beautifully in both a flattened and 3D shape in SK Designs keepsakes!

February: Iris
The iris is the birth month bloom of February, and symbolizes love and fertility. Similar to the virtue of true love, irises can grow in deserts, swamps, temperate climates, and cold climates. Irises can be found in stunning blue, yellow, and white hues.

March: Daffodil
Daffodils are the birth month flower of March, and symbolize friendship and new beginnings. During the winter months, their bulbs are tucked away beneath the ground. As winter gives way to spring, the trumpet shaped bloom emerges, bringing joy and life to its surroundings.

April: Daisy
As Meg Ryan would say, “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?” Daisies truly are the perfect bloom to welcome spring’s arrival! Not only do they symbolize happiness and purity, daisies are also edible, making them the perfect little garnish for a spring cake or salad!

May: Lily of the Valley
May’s birth bloom is the Lily of the Valley, which is prized for its fragrant aroma. Lily of the Valley symbolizes purity, joy, and sincerity. These bell-shaped flowers are short lived, only lasting up to a week after they are cut. Enjoy each moment with these blooms!

June: Rose
Roses, known for their heavy scent, are the birth flower of June. This timeless bloom can be procured almost anywhere, anytime of year, and symbolizes love and devotion. It's no surprise that roses are often included in our 3D pieces!

July: Delphinium/Larkspur
July’s birth flower is the larkspur, otherwise known as delphinium, and signifies open-heartedness. This bloom brings height to any arrangement, and looks similar in nature to the bells-of-Ireland bloom. The larkspur is a fragile flower, and similar to the lily of the valley, lasts only a few days after being cut!

August: Gladiolus
Known as the “sword lily”, the gladiolus is the birth flower of August, and symbolizes strength of character and moral integrity. The gladiolus can be found in a large variety of beautiful hues, and is among the top 10 bestselling florist flowers world-wide!

September: Aster
The aster bloom is the birth flower of September. It symbolizes stability and peace, and can withstand all kinds of weather. Asters are beloved for their simple and understated elegance.

October: Marigold
It is fitting that the marigold is the birth flower of October, as it displays stunning tones of crimson, yellow, orange, and white. Marigolds are easy to grow and the perfect bloom for a new gardener to tend. Marigolds symbolize the brevity of life, and is a natural repellent to pests. Marigolds hold their shape beautifully when preserved in its 3D form!

November: Chrysanthemum
The chrysanthemums, most commonly known as a “mum”, are the birth flower of November. Originally cultivated in China and Japan, the Japanese celebrate this bloom annually with their “Festival of Happiness” holiday. The chrysanthemum can also be found in thousands of varieties.

December: Poinsettia
The poinsettia is not only a festive bloom for the holiday season, it is also the birth flower of December! Its striking red and green hues add cheer and color to any room. Interestingly, poinsettias need both sunshine and dark nights to bloom, and represent good-will and community spirit.

So there you have it -- all of the birth month blooms! This year, celebrate those you love by gifting them their birth month bloom, and watch as it brings a smile to their face and color to their home.

- Joanna Shuffield