We are so glad you hopped on over to get some of your questions answered! Don't hesitate to reach out at productsbyskdesigns@gmail.com if you have any others! 

1. How do I book a date with you all? 

Check and see if your date is open here - if it is email us and we will get a form sent your way to fill out with your order & the next steps!

2. My blooms are from years ago, can they still be used? 

We have worked with bouquets decades old at this point and created keepsakes for brides! We’ve found that given the status of older bouquets and how fragile they can be our 3D pieces work best! You are always more than welcome to send over some photos of your bouquet or blooms so we can verify they will work in our pieces.

3. Why can't you take more bouquets?
It's just the two of us at SK Designs and in order to give each bouquet the time and attention they deserve we only take a limited amount of orders each month! 

4. Will my bouquet be enough for my order?
It definitely depends on how many pieces & what pieces your ordering. However, once we look over your order confirmation we can most definitely advise you if we will need additional florals other than your bouquet, say a bridesmaid bouquet or arrangement!!

5. Can I Make A Custom Bundle?
Unfortunately, our bundles are set in stone as is. 

6.  What shipping carrier do you prefer I use to ship my bouquet to you? 
It's completely up to you! Since every bouquet is a different size and shape we want to give you the liberty of deciding which shipping carrier would work the best for your individual bouquet! We have had great success with both UPS and FEDEX. Both have great overnight and 2 day delivery options that we would highly recommend. In terms of pricing, this varies per bouquet simply due to the shape and weight of the box it's being shipped in. If you have any further questions please reach out, we will do our best to answer your questions! 

7. How Does the design process work at SK Designs?

At SK Designs we take the design process of your pieces to heart! 

We do leave the designs ultimately up to our preservations to ensure the blooms are used best in the pieces. We know this is not how all preservation companies operate but we do not take the design process lightly & are greatly honored when you all trust us to do so. 

With that being said, there are a few things to note - florals can dry lighter or darker & even change colors from time to time which is out of our control & has to do with the florals. 

However, we most definitely only include the florals that we believe held true to their color in our pieces! With that being said, we only preserve the florals that arrive in the best condition out of your bouquet. We supply you with a detailed list of shipping instructions to ensure that your florals arrive safely. However, if your blooms arrive disheveled we are not at fault and will let you know if your florals arrive in any condition that is unusable. 

All in all, if you have any preferences regarding the design of your piece, the amount of florals used, and the amount of leafing included in each piece please make that known when you are confirming the details of your order. 

Additionally, we included the florals that best fit into your pieces. As the sizing of your blooms can be too large for some pieces our artists use their judgment on which florals adequately fit the pieces. All of our keepsakes are handmade. With that being said each piece has the potential to contain slight imperfections. 

8. Can I purchase a gift card for a friend?

Of course, we would love to help out with this!! Take a look at our booking tab & you'll be able to reach out for the gift card at the appropriate time they will use it :) We will chat about the details then but all gift cards must be $50 or over to ensure their deposit is covered!