Floral Preservation Ideas

Flowers are one thing that connect us all. No matter where you are from, what do you give to someone who is sick? To someone who had a baby? To someone who just graduated? To someone you love? To make someone smile? Flowers!  

Flowers are one of the most meaningful ways to say “I love you,” and SK Designs gives you a new way to do that. After your wedding, when you send in your flowers and they are made into beautiful keepsakes such as coasters, wall hangings, keychains, and ornaments, gifting these pieces to a loved one says “I love you” in an even more impactful way. Just think of all the people that were a part of your special day - your pastor, your bridesmaids, your parents, your wedding planner, your photographer, even the workers at the flower shop! They all did what they could to bring all the little details together for your big day because they love you, and a small keepsake with your wedding blooms inside is the perfect way to thank them in return. 

Ordering a few extra pieces would allow you to give them something that captures all their special memories from your day. Everytime they set their drink on the coaster you got them, or hang up their ornaments, or pick up their keys and see their keychain, sweet, lifelong memories will come to mind! Not only will your preserved florals bring you and your family joy, but sharing them would let all the people that made your wedding day special can enjoy them for years to come as well.

- Annie Carter (Summer 2021 Intern)