Invest in Beauty

Floral preservation pieces display a lasting reminder of the beauty of marriage and life


It is quite an open secret that weddings run a high price tag - no matter how thrifty the bride proves herself. One of the more expensive items found in every wedding tends to be flowers. Depending on your wedding season, the type of flowers, or number of arrangements you desire, the cost of beautiful florals quickly adds up. So why should you spend more money to preserve flowers you already paid for?

A wonderful question that we are happy to answer!

Simply put, preserved florals remind us of the beauty that exists all around us: in the natural world, in our homes, and in our marriages. Dried floral pieces are a reminder of sweet memories and an investment in a sweeter future. 

SK Designs creates pieces that are truly one of a kind- each flower comes from your own wedding bouquet, and our artists specifically arrange the flowers within each individual piece to best showcase your particular set of blooms. 



Through this deeply creative and time-intensive process we create unique, handmade works of art, which is why floral preservation can seem expensive. We would encourage brides to invest in floral preservation just as they might evaluate traditional artwork for their new homes; asking if the beauty and joy inherent within the art piece outweighs the cost. 

Real flowers have a beautiful effect on our homes and on us. Emotional psychologists have proven, in a study by Rutgers, that flowers tangibly uplift a person’s mood! To follow the logic of that dazzling feminine icon, Elle Woods, “[Flowers] give you [dopamine]. [Dopamine] makes you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t!” 


Flowers put a smile on our faces, reminding us of the loved one who gifted them, celebrating at that special event, or just existing on our countertops to create a welcoming atmosphere. However, after a few days of glory, their petals fall, stems wither, and the flower dies. 


Preserved flowers, on the other hand, last for years in the condition you receive them in! You are investing in living artwork that will endure for years to come. Your pieces from SK Designs remain in their received condition for up to 100 times the shelf life of real flowers, and require minimal care. Preserved flowers cost more than fresh blooms because you are paying for something that lasts longer.

Floral preservation is a monetary investment, but it is also an investment in those abstract concepts that make life beautiful- love and happiness and art. As our artists craft your special piece, we can promise to create a work of art that will continue to provide a slice of joy and beauty in your home that will endure “till death do you part”. 

- Laurel Anne Harkins (summer 2021 intern)