Choosing Your Pieces

Wedding season is FULL of decisions, and it's easy to get overwhelmed! When it comes to selecting pieces for your SK Designs order, we hope this guide will make the process fun AND easy. We will pose a few questions that will be important for you (the bride) to consider, and then do a little deep dive on each piece in our 2023 Collection. Let’s get started!!


What kind of flowers will be in your bouquet? If you have larger blooms you want to showcase, you will need to consider this when selecting your pieces! Not every piece can hold the same size or quantity of blooms.


Do you want your blooms to be displayed as whole flowers, or deconstructed blooms? Because the shape and size of each mold is different, some pieces can hold whole flowers in a 3D form, while others work better with flattened flowers or deconstructed blooms. 


How do you intend to use these pieces? While some keepsakes have more practical uses, others function as art and are true display pieces.


Will any be gifts to family or friends? Many brides choose to add on smaller items like keychains and ornaments as special keepsakes for family members or friends who helped with the wedding. 


What is your budget? Will a bundle accommodate it best? Our bundles were created with you in mind, ranging in price and variety of pieces offered! These bundles are set in stone and provide a small discount for brides who take advantage of them. 


Now, let’s take a deep dive on our 2023 Collection!

Coasters (Sets of 4, 8, & 12)

Coasters are a true SK Designs staple! Brides use them practically and decoratively on coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands. Because of their shape and size, they can hold one large, whole bloom, typically flattened. You will frequently find a bit of greenery highlighting the bloom, as well!

Oval Accessory Tray

We love the Oval Accessory Tray! Many brides use them on their vanities or nightstands for jewelry, or even on their foyer for keys and knick knacks. The Oval Accessory Tray can hold a couple large blooms.


Large Rectangular Tray

We are always so excited when brides order the Large Rectangular Tray!! Its larger size lends itself to holding an abundance of blooms and really allows for more creative design than Coasters and the Oval Accessory Tray. We often find brides using them in their foyer, on a dresser, or a nightstand. They are perfect for holding and displaying photo frames, perfumes, and more!

Ring Pyramid

Ring Pyramids hold a special place in our hearts, as it holds the token of your love — your rings! If spray roses or greenery were included in your bouquet or boutonniere, these fit perfectly inside our Ring Pyramid mold. You can also find deconstructed blooms fitting daintily in the Ring Pyramid. 

Wall Hanging

Wall Hangings are another bride favorite! Similar to the Large Rectangular Tray, Wall Hangings can hold a larger amount of blooms and allow for more creative design work! This display piece is the perfect way to remember your special day, and showcase your blooms. 

4x4 Block

The 4x4 3D Block has been a fun new addition to the SK Designs Collection. This keepsake can hold 3D blooms, and is perfect for preserving a corsage, boutonniere, or even a single (and special) bloom from your event. 

8x8 Block

We aren’t biased… by the 8x8 Block may be our favorite piece to create! Its size and depth allows it to hold an abundance of blooms, and the 3D nature of this keepsake is truly exquisite. Any bride with the 8x8 Block in her home is sure to get many “oohs and ahhs” from guests who spot it in her home.

Bookend Pair

Our Bookend Pair has also been a fun addition to our 2023 Collection! This keepsake essentially gives you *two* 3D pieces for the price of one, holds a large quantity of 3D blooms, and really showcases the beauty of each individual flower!


Ornaments are a beloved keepsake by brides, and their families! Our 2023 Ornaments can hold 1 large bloom, and will often feature greenery as well. These are a fun and special gift, and can easily become a new heirloom piece for your family!


We love the SK Keychain, because you can take this piece with you on the road! Because of its size, smaller flowers (i.e. babies breath or dainty greenery) are often included. Keychains are also a fun gift for family members and bridesmaids!

Customizing Your Order

After we have received your deposit, you will receive an online form to make your selections! We always take into account any additional notes brides make, especially when it comes to design! Is there a flower you especially want included in your piece? Tell us! Are you hoping to see greenery in your coasters? Let us know! Do you want a mixture of both gold and silver leafing? We can absolutely make that happen. The more specific you are on your order preferences, the easier it is for us to create the keepsakes you have envisioned. To top it off, our Ornaments and Wall Hangings can also be personalized with your name and event date for a small additional charge. 

Each of our pieces are handcrafted and made with care. None of them are the same and each is unique. As we preserve and craft keepsakes in our workshops each day, we are reminded that this is true of us as people too: God made each of us uniquely, and we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”, handcrafted by the Creator Himself (Psalm 139:14). 

- Joanna Shuffield