The Process

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1. Reserve Your Date 

Simply head over to our Reserve Your Date tab and inquiry to see if your date is still available! If it is, we will get back to you shortly with information on how to secure your date with a $50 deposit. 

2. Get Your Blooms To Us

Once the event has occurred, place the flowers in cold water as soon as you can to keep them as fresh as possible! We always recommend our brides get their blooms in the mail 24-48 hours after the wedding if they are not local to Arkansas. We will be in contact with you regarding how to drop them off to us if you're local to the Little Rock or Northwest Arkansas Area or we will send you over detailed instructions on how to ship your blooms our way! Find these instructions here!

3. Your Floral Preservation Artists Get To Work 

We finally get to start creating your keepsake pieces!! Your preservation artists take 3-4 weeks to properly dry your blooms!

4. Creating Your Keepsakes

Once your design is determined by our artists it is set in resin to create your unique pieces (curing of the pieces takes 4-5 weeks). 

At SK Designs we take the design process of your pieces to heart! 

Few things to note - florals can dry lighter or darker & even change colors from time to time which is out of our control & has to do with the florals. 

However, we most definitely only include the florals that we believe held true to their color in our pieces! With that being said, we only preserve the florals that arrive in the best condition out of your bouquet. We supply you with a detailed list of shipping instructions to ensure that your florals arrive safely. However, if your blooms arrive disheveled we are not at fault and will let you know if your florals arrive in any condition that is unusable. 

If you have any preferences regarding the design of your piece, the amount of florals used, and the amount of leafing included in each piece please make that known when you are confirming the details of your order. 

Additionally, we included the florals that best fit into your pieces. As the sizing of your blooms can be too large for some pieces our artists use their judgment on which florals adequately fit the pieces. All of our keepsakes are handmade. With that being said each piece has the potential to contain slight imperfections. 

All in all , we do leave the designs ultimately up to our preservations to ensure the blooms are used best in the pieces. We know this is not how all preservation companies operate but we do not take the design process lightly & are greatly honored when you all trust us to do so. 

5. Shipping Out To You

You receive your keepsakes!!